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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fukushima Spiking

Fukushima Spiking

Fukushima Radiation Leaks Rise Sharply, Officials Are Baffled As to Why
Fukushima Situation Normal, in The SNAFU Sense of “Normal”
Bad as the situation is at Fukushima, it’s gotten worse.
Perhaps you’ve heard that radiation levels of the water leaving the Fukushima, Japan, nuclear power plane and flowing into the Pacific Ocean have risen by roughly 9,000 per cent. Turns out, that’s probably putting a good face on it.
noaawaterBy official measurement, the water coming out of Fukushima is currently 90,000 times more radioactive than officially “safe” drinking water.
These are the highest radiation levels measured at Fukusmima since March 2011, when an earthquake-triggered tsunami destroyed the plant’s four nuclear reactors, three of which melted down.

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