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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hyrdraulic Fracking Causes Earthquakes, Study Finds

Hyrdraulic Fracking Causes Earthquakes, Study Finds

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Santa Cruz, CA: According to results from a new study just published in the prestigious journal Science, there is a direct association between injecting water into the ground and earthquakes: injecting water into the ground is a practice used in the highly controversial natural gas extraction technique known as hydraulic fracking or fracturing.

The study looked at geothermal energy production the state of California, where the practice is to extract water from the ground then inject water back in. The researchers evaluated 30 years of data from a CalEnergy geothermal field near the Salton Sea. The researchers found that the practice has triggered a series of small earthquakes very close to the San Andreas Fault. This finding has huge implications for the state, and for states across the country where hydraulic fracking is done.

"We're not the first people to ever say that pulling fluid out of the ground is causing earthquakes, but the demonstration here is much clearer," said the study's chief author, UCSC geophysicist Emily Brodsky. "It's a very strong signal. This is not subtle."

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